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Welcome to our website! Here we provide downloadable, Floral October 2020 calendar for all 12 months of 2020, FOR FREE. If you’ve got a .pdf reading software and a printer with 8.5″ x 11″ paper (which is traditional size), then you’re welcome to download and print as many copies of any calendar you’d like.

Another feature our calendars offer is much space to feature in your own obligations. you’ll do that either on the pc before printing or by hand once they’ve been printed on paper. Overall, we hope you enjoy our free printable calendars! the remainder of this post is going to be that specialize in our Floral October 2020 calendar and therefore the month of October generally.

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By clicking the button below, you’ll be ready to download, view, edit, and print our Floral October 2020 calendar. On this October Calendar, you’ll find 31 days and two major holidays: Columbus Day (Monday, October 31, 2020) and Halloween (Saturday, Columbus Day, 2020). Columbus Day may be a non-working legal holiday also referred to as Indigenous People’s Day, Conversely, Halloween is an American tradition where young children dress up and receive candy.

Perhaps you’re wondering, “Where did the month of October get its name from?” this is often an excellent question, and you would possibly not believe the answer! Just think for a second, where else have you ever heard the prefix “octo?” That’s right, octo, as in octagon and octopus, meaning eight. But why would the name of the tenth month of the year be derived from the Latin word for eight? Well, there’s a reasonably interesting explanation!

In a previous version of the Floral October 2020 calendar, utilized in Ancient Rome, there actually were just ten months rather than twelve. this is often because January and February didn’t exist and March began the year. due to this, October was the eight-month of the year. However, in 153 BCE, once we transferred over to the Gregorian twelve-month model of the calendar that we use today, the name stuck. then we still have the name October, technically meaning “eighth month,” albeit we all know it because of the tenth.

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Additionally, while October is within the fall season north of the equator this is often not true south of the equator. within the hemisphere, seasons are opposite, making October a spring month! So, if you were to go to the hemisphere in October, the weather you’d experience would feel far more like that of April.

The official birthstones for the month of October are the opal and therefore the tourmaline. Opals are traditionally an opaque white colour that glistens different reminder greens and reds in bright light. Tourmaline stones, on the opposite hand, are a translucent pink colour. While this stone does are available other colours, the pink variety is what’s assigned to those born within the month of October.

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The calendula is that the flower assigned to October. Calendulas are within the daisy family and are available in many colours, the foremost popular being orange and yellow. This flower is claimed to represent fertility and creativity.