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Have you been trying to find free, easy to print calendars for 2020, 2021, and 2022? Lucky for you, look no further! Here on our website, we are proud to supply not only our November 2020 Calendar printable able to download and print but also all twelve months of following three years! As long as you have got a .pdf reading software on your computer and a printer with 8.5″ x 11″ traditional paper, our calendar has already been formatted to suit your needs and is prepared to print right now!

november 2020 calendar printable

November calendar printable

Specifically, on our November 2020 Calendar, you’ll find 30 days. Additionally, we’ve gone ahead and labelled all of the most important holidays that occur in November for you. These landmark dates include the top of Daylight Savings Time, so confirm you switch your clocks back an hour…in the autumn season we “fall back” one hour (Sunday, All Saints’ Day, 2020); election day (Tuesday, November 3, 2020); Veterans Day (Wednesday, Veterans’ Day, 2020); Thanksgiving (Thursday, November 26, 2020) and Black Friday (Friday, November 27, 2020). Veterans Day may be a legal holiday and non-working day that honours those that have served within us soldiers. Thanksgiving is an American holiday and never falls on an equivalent date. In fact, Thanksgiving’s date is “the fourth Thursday of November,” which differs annually.

Thanks beforehand for clicking the button below to download our FREE Printable November Calendar. We hope it assists you with all of our planning needs! Also, we encourage you to stay reading below to seek out out more about November, including its history, fun facts, and official birthstones.

november 2020 calendar printable with weeks
November 2020 calendar printable with year weeks.

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The Month of November

November is that the eleventh month of the fashionable day Gregorian calendar, which has twelve months in total. The Gregorian calendar is that the version that the majority people use in our world today, however, there are other versions of this calendar throughout time. actually, in one version of the calendar, the Roman calendar, November was the ninth month, as against the eleventh. this is often actually how November got its name- from the Latin word “Novem” meaning nine.

Of course, back in 153 BCE, there have been all types of differences within the calendar. for instance, back then, November only had 29 days in total, rather than the 30 days it’s today. And, believe it or not, there have been only ten months within the year. Therefore, the year led to December, and commenced again in March, with January and February being nonexistent.

Another fun fact about November is that it’s nearing the top of the autumn season within the hemisphere. this suggests the weather is typically pretty chilly around this point of the year. However, this is often not true within the hemisphere. In those countries, where the seasons are opposite, November actually has warm weather, feeling like our temperate weather within the month of May.

November’s birthstones are the Topaz and therefore the Citrine. Topaz is usually found in an orange-yellow colour for November births, however, the stone also comes in blue, yellow, and pink. This stone is translucent and thought to symbolize love and intellect. While the Citrine also features a warm, golden colour and is translucent, its meaning is slightly different. those that wear citrine are thought to tend more energy and imagination.