USA 2023 calendar with holidays printable

You can print or download the annual calendars of the United States on this page in a variety of designs. Calendars are available in two formats for download and printing: PDF and PNG image format. All calendars are available for personal, business, and commercial use and can be downloaded for free.

The annual calendars on this page are available in multiple models which you can print, edit, customize, or download.

USA 2023 calendar with holidays

2023 calendar printable USA

  • Horizontal orientation
  • Public holidays in the United States
  • Easy to print
  • “A4” size paper

How many weeks in a year 2023?

In 2023, there will be 52 weeks starting on Monday, January 2, 2023 and ending on Sunday, December 31.

What week are we?


2023 calendar printable United States

The United States 2023 calendar printable is designed in multiple design, and format ready to be printed and downloaded in PDF and PNG image format, There is a various orientation landscape and portrait, The 2022 Calendar include also the week’s number and public holidays on the USA.

2023 calendar with holidays USA

  • Horizontal orientation
  • Public holidays in the United States
  • Easy to print
  • “A4” size paper

Week numbers 2023

week numbers 2023_Page1

2023 calendar with week numbers

week numbers 2023 uk_Page1

Weeks in a year 2023

WeekStarting date:End date:
Week 102/01/202308/01/2023
Week 209/01/202315/01/2023
Week 316/01/202322/01/2023
Week 423/01/202329/01/2023
Week 530/01/202305/02/2023
Week 606/02/202312/02/2023
Week 713/02/202319/02/2023
Week 820/02/202326/02/2023
Week 927/02/202305/03/2023
Week 1006/03/202312/03/2023
Week 1113/03/202319/03/2023
Week 1220/03/202326/03/2023
Week 1327/03/202302/04/2023
Week 1403/04/202309/04/2023
Week 1510/04/202316/04/2023
Week 1617/04/202323/04/2023
Week 1724/04/202330/04/2023
Week 1801/05/202307/05/2023
Week 1908/05/202314/05/2023
Week 2015/05/202321/05/2023
Week 2122/05/202328/05/2023
Week 2229/05/202304/06/2023
Week 2305/06/202311/06/2023
Week 2412/06/202318/06/2023
Week 2519/06/202325/06/2023
Week 2626/06/202302/07/2023
Week 2703/07/202309/07/2023
Week 2810/07/202316/07/2023
Week 2917/07/202323/07/2023
Week 3024/07/202330/07/2023
Week 3131/07/202306/08/2023
Week 3207/08/202313/08/2023
Week 3314/08/202320/08/2023
Week 3421/08/202327/08/2023
Week 3528/08/202303/09/2023
Week 3604/09/202310/09/2023
Week 3711/09/202317/09/2023
Week 3818/09/202324/09/2023
Week 3925/09/202301/10/2023
Week 4002/10/202308/10/2023
Week 4109/10/202315/10/2023
Week 4216/10/202322/10/2023
Week 4323/10/202329/10/2023
Week 4430/10/202305/11/2023
Week 4506/11/202312/11/2023
Week 4613/11/202319/11/2023
Week 4720/11/202326/11/2023
Week 4827/11/202303/12/2023
Week 4904/12/202310/12/2023
Week 5011/12/202317/12/2023
Week 5118/12/202324/12/2023
Week 5225/12/202331/12/2023

US 2023 calendar with holidays

printable 2023 calendar USAThe 2023 Calendar with holidays for the United States, offered in various format and orientation, can be downloaded and printed, The official public holidays in the United States are highlighted to bring you the ability to manage personal and commercial events.

Printable calendar 2023 of the United States : Cats

printable 2023 calendar with holidays USA

Free printable calendar 2023, United States with holidays

2023 calendar template USAHorizontal orientation

  • Public holidays in the United States
  • Easy to print
  • “A4” size paper

2023 calendar template with weeks numbers USA

free printable 2023 calendar printableMany users prefer to have the 2023 calendar with weeks numbers, this is important to organize their personal and commercial events, and also to check the lunar phases in every week.

  • Horizontal orientation
  • Public holidays in the United States
  • Easy to print
  • “A4” size paper

Moon Phases 2023 for United States

The 4 main phases of the lunar calendar are first quarter, full moon, new moon and last quarter.

The first full moon of 2023 will occur on January 7, 2023.

The first new moon of 2023 will occur on January 21, 2023.

Moon phase 2023DateHour
🌕 Full MoonJanuary 7, 202300h09
🌗 Last quarterJanuary 15, 202303h13
🌑 New MoonJanuary 21, 202321h55
🌓 First QuarterJanuary 28, 202316h20
🌕 Full MoonFebruary 5, 20237:30 p.m
🌗 Last quarterFebruary 13, 202317h03
🌑 New MoonFebruary 20, 202308h09
🌓 First QuarterFebruary 27, 202309h06
🌕 Full MoonMarch 7, 202313h42
🌗 Last quarterMarch 15, 202303h10
🌑 New MoonMarch 21, 202318h26
🌓 First QuarterMarch 29, 202304h33
🌕 Full MoonApril 6, 202306h37
🌗 Last quarterApril 13, 202311h12
🌑 New MoonApril 20, 202306h15
🌓 First QuarterApril 27, 202323h21
🌕 Full MoonMay 5, 202319h36
🌗 Last quarterMay 12, 202316h29
🌑 New MoonMay 19, 202317h55
🌓 First QuarterMay 27, 202317h23
🌕 Full MoonJune 4, 202305h43
🌗 Last quarterJune 10, 202321h32
🌑 New MoonJune 18, 202306h39
🌓 First QuarterJune 26, 202309h51
🌕 Full MoonJuly 3, 202313h40
🌗 Last quarterJuly 10, 202303h49
🌑 New MoonJuly 17, 202320h33
🌓 First QuarterJuly 26, 202300h08
🌕 Full MoonAugust 1, 202320h33
🌗 Last quarterAugust 8, 202312h29
🌑 New MoonAugust 16, 202311:38
🌓 First QuarterAugust 24, 202311h58
🌕 Full MoonAugust 31, 202303h37
🌗 Last quarterSeptember 7, 202300h22
🌑 New MoonSeptember 15, 202303h40
🌓First QuarterSeptember 22, 202321h32
🌕Full MoonSeptember 29, 202311h58
🌗 Last quarterOctober 6, 202315h49
🌑 New MoonOctober 14, 202319h55
🌓First QuarterOctober 22, 202305:30
🌕 Full MoonOctober 28, 202322h24
🌗 Last quarterNovember 5, 202309h38
🌑 New MoonNovember 13, 202310h27
🌓 First QuarterNovember 20, 202311:50 a.m.
🌕 Full MoonNovember 27, 202310h16
🌗 Last quarterDecember 5, 202306h51
🌑 New MoonDecember 13, 202300h32
🌓 First QuarterDecember 19, 202319h40
🌕 Full MoonDecember 27, 202301h33

Moon phase calendar 2023 PDF

moon phase calendar 2023

  • Horizontal orientation
  • Public holidays in the United States
  • Lunar calendar
  • Moon cycle
  • Easy to print
  • “A4” size paper

Moon Phases 2023 With dates in USA

DateHolidays and Observances:
Jan 1New Year's Day
Jan 1New Year's Day (Texas)
Jan 2'New Year's Day' day off (All except TX)
Jan 2'New Year's Day' day off
Jan 3Asarah B'Tevet
Jan 4World Braille Day
Jan 6Epiphany
Jan 7Orthodox Christmas Day
Jan 7International Programmers' Day
Jan 7Estelle Reel Day (Wyoming)
Jan 8Battle of New Orleans (Louisiana)
Jan 13Friday the 13th
Jan 13Stephen Foster Memorial Day
Jan 14Orthodox New Year
Jan 15World Religion Day
Jan 16Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Jan 16Martin Luther King Jr. Day (All)
Jan 16Robert E. Lee's Birthday (Alabama, Mississippi)
Jan 16Idaho Human Rights Day (Idaho)
Jan 16Civil Rights Day (Arizona, New Hampshire)
Jan 19Robert E. Lee's Birthday (Florida)
Jan 19State Holiday (Georgia)
Jan 19Confederate Heroes' Day (Texas)
Jan 22Lunar New Year
Jan 24International Day of Education
Jan 26International Customs Day
Jan 27World Holocaust Victims Remembrance Day
Jan 29World Leprosy Day
Jan 29Kansas Day (Kansas)
Feb 1National Freedom Day
Feb 1National Girls and Women in Sports Day
Feb 1First Day of Black History Month
Feb 2World Wetlands Day
Feb 2Groundhog Day
Feb 3National Wear Red Day
Feb 4International Day of Human Fraternity
Feb 4World Cancer Day
Feb 4Rosa Parks Day (California, Missouri)
Feb 4Rosa Parks Day (New York)
Feb 6Tu Bishvat/Tu B'Shevat
Feb 6International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation
Feb 6Ronald Reagan Day (California)
Feb 10World Pulses Day
Feb 11International Day of Women and Girls in Science
Feb 11World Day of the Sick
Feb 12Lincoln's Birthday (CT, IL, MO, NY)
Feb 12Lincoln's Birthday (Florida)
Feb 12Georgia Day (Georgia)
Feb 12Super Bowl
Feb 13World Radio Day
Feb 13'Lincoln's Birthday' observed (CT, IL, MO, NY)
Feb 14Valentine's Day
Feb 14Statehood Day (Arizona)
Feb 15Susan B. Anthony's Birthday (Florida, Wisconsin)
Feb 15Susan B. Anthony Day (Colorado, New York)
Feb 16Elizabeth Peratrovich Day (Alaska)
Feb 18Maha Shivaratri
Feb 18Isra and Mi'raj
Feb 20World Day of Social Justice
Feb 20Presidents' Day
Feb 20Presidents' Day (Most regions)
Feb 20Presidents' Day (Many regions)
Feb 20Daisy Gatson Bates Day (Arkansas)
Feb 21International Mother Language Day
Feb 21Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras (AL*, FL*, LA, MS*)
Feb 21Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras
Feb 22Ash Wednesday
Feb 25African-American Scientist and Inventor Day (Virginia)
Feb 25George Rogers Clark Day (Indiana)
Feb 28Linus Pauling Day (Oregon)
Mar 1Zero Discrimination Day
Mar 1Self-Injury Awareness Day
Mar 1St. David's Day
Mar 1First Day of Women's History Month
Mar 1First Day of Irish American Heritage Month
Mar 2Texas Independence Day (Texas)
Mar 2Read Across America Day
Mar 3World Wildlife Day
Mar 3Employee Appreciation Day
Mar 4Casimir Pulaski Day (Wisconsin)
Mar 6Casimir Pulaski Day (Illinois, Indiana)
Mar 7Holi
Mar 7Purim
Mar 7Town Meeting Day (Vermont)
Mar 8International Women's Day
Mar 9World Kidney Day
Mar 10International Day of Women Judges
Mar 12Daylight Saving Time starts
Mar 17St. Patrick's Day
Mar 17Evacuation Day (Massachusetts)
Mar 20French Language Day
Mar 20International Day of Happiness
Mar 20March Equinox
Mar 21World Day to Eliminate Racial Discrimination
Mar 21World Poetry Day
Mar 21International Day of Nowruz
Mar 21World Down Syndrome Day
Mar 21International Day of Forests
Mar 22World Water Day
Mar 23First Day of Ramadan
Mar 23World Meteorological Day
Mar 24World Tuberculosis Day
Mar 24World Day for Truth concerning Human Rights Violations
Mar 25Day to Remember Slavery Victims and Transatlantic Slave Trade
Mar 25World Solidarity Day for Detained and Missing Workers
Mar 25Earth Hour
Mar 25Maryland Day (Maryland)
Mar 26Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Day (Hawaii)
Mar 27'Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Day' observed (Hawaii)
Mar 27Seward's Day (Alaska)
Mar 29National Vietnam War Veterans Day
Mar 30Wyoming Veterans Welcome Home Day (Wyoming)
Mar 30Doctors' Day
Mar 30Vietnam Veterans Day (Delaware)
Mar 30Vietnam Veteran Recognition Day (West Virginia)
Mar 31César Chávez Day (Many regions)
Apr 1April Fool's Day
Apr 2Palm Sunday
Apr 2World Autism Awareness Day
Apr 2Pascua Florida Day (Florida)
Apr 3'Pascua Florida Day' observed (Florida)
Apr 4Mine Awareness Day
Apr 5Passover Eve
Apr 5International Day of Conscience
Apr 6Maundy Thursday
Apr 6Passover (first day)
Apr 6International Sport Day
Apr 6National Tartan Day
Apr 7United Nations' World Health Day
Apr 7Day to Remember Rwanda Genocide Victims
Apr 7Good Friday (Many regions)
Apr 7State Holiday (Georgia)
Apr 8Holy Saturday
Apr 9Easter Sunday
Apr 10Easter Monday
Apr 12International Day of Human Space Flight
Apr 13Last Day of Passover
Apr 13Thomas Jefferson's Birthday
Apr 14Orthodox Good Friday
Apr 14World Chagas Disease Day
Apr 15Orthodox Holy Saturday
Apr 15Father Damien Day (Hawaii)
Apr 16Orthodox Easter
Apr 16Emancipation Day (District of Columbia)
Apr 17Lailat al-Qadr
Apr 17Orthodox Easter Monday
Apr 17'Emancipation Day' observed (District of Columbia)
Apr 17Patriots' Day (Maine, Massachusetts)
Apr 17Boston Marathon
Apr 18Yom HaShoah
Apr 18International Day for Monuments and Sites
Apr 18Tax Day
Apr 20Chinese Language Day
Apr 21World Creativity and Innovation Day
Apr 21San Jacinto Day (Texas)
Apr 21Arbor Day (Colorado)
Apr 22Eid al-Fitr
Apr 22Earth Day
Apr 22Oklahoma Day (Oklahoma)
Apr 23World Book and Copyright Day
Apr 23English Language Day
Apr 24International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace
Apr 24Arbor Day (Wyoming)
Apr 24Confederate Memorial Day (Mississippi)
Apr 24Confederate Memorial Day (Alabama)
Apr 25International Delegate's Day
Apr 25World Malaria Day
Apr 25National Library Workers' Day
Apr 26Yom Ha'atzmaut
Apr 26World Intellectual Property Day
Apr 26International Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day
Apr 26Confederate Heroes' Day (Florida)
Apr 26State Holiday (Georgia)
Apr 26Administrative Professionals Day
Apr 27International Girls in ICT Day
Apr 27Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day
Apr 28World Day for Safety and Health at Work
Apr 28Arbor Day (Nebraska)
Apr 28Arbor Day (Delaware)
Apr 30International Jazz Day
May 1Law Day
May 1Loyalty Day
May 1Lei Day (Hawaii)
May 1First Day of Military Appreciation Month
May 1First Day of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
May 1First Day of Jewish American Heritage Month
May 2World Tuna Day
May 2National Teacher Appreciation Day
May 3World Press Freedom Day
May 4Kent State Shootings Remembrance (Ohio)
May 4National Day of Prayer
May 4Rhode Island Independence Day (Rhode Island)
May 4West Virginia Day of Prayer (West Virginia)
May 5Vesak Day
May 5World Portuguese Language Day
May 5Cinco de Mayo
May 5Kentucky Oaks
May 6Kentucky Derby
May 6National Nurses Day
May 6National Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Day
May 7International Family Equality Day
May 8Time to Remember Lost Lives From World War II
May 8World Ovarian Cancer Day
May 8World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day
May 8Truman Day (Missouri)
May 8Victory in Europe Day
May 9Lag BaOmer
May 10International Day of Argania
May 10Confederate Memorial Day (South Carolina)
May 10Confederate Memorial Day (North Carolina)
May 12International Nurses Day
May 12Native American Day (Wyoming)
May 12Military Spouse Appreciation Day
May 12Military Spouse Appreciation Day (Delaware)
May 13World Migratory Bird Day
May 14Mother's Day
May 14Mother's Day (Arizona)
May 15International Day of Families
May 15Peace Officers Memorial Day
May 16International Day of Living Together in Peace
May 16International Day of Light
May 17World Telecommunication and Information Society Day
May 18Ascension Day
May 19National Defense Transportation Day
May 20World Bee Day
May 20World Autoimmune / Autoinflammatory Arthritis Day
May 20Public Lands Day (Colorado)
May 20Armed Forces Day
May 20Preakness Stakes
May 21World Day for Cultural Diversity
May 21International Tea Day
May 22World Biological Diversity Day
May 22National Maritime Day
May 22Harvey Milk Day (California)
May 23International Day to End Obstetric Fistula
May 24Emergency Medical Services for Children Day
May 25African Liberation Day
May 25National Missing Children's Day
May 26Shavuot
May 28Pentecost
May 29Whit Monday
May 29International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers
May 29Memorial Day
May 29Decoration Day (AK, AL, AR, AZ, CA)
May 29Jefferson Davis' Birthday (Mississippi)
May 31World No Tobacco Day
Jun 1Global Day of Parents
Jun 1First Day of Pride Month
Jun 1First Day of Caribbean-American Heritage Month
Jun 1Statehood Day (Kentucky, Tennessee)
Jun 3World Bicycle Day
Jun 3Jefferson Davis' Birthday (Florida)
Jun 4Trinity Sunday
Jun 4World Day for Child Victims of Aggression
Jun 4Native American Day (Arizona)
Jun 5World Environment Day
Jun 5International Day for the Fight against Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing
Jun 5Jefferson Davis' Birthday (Alabama)
Jun 6Day of the Russian Language
Jun 6D-Day
Jun 7World Food Safety Day
Jun 8Corpus Christi
Jun 8World Oceans Day
Jun 10Belmont Stakes
Jun 11Kamehameha Day (Hawaii)
Jun 12World Day Against Child Labour
Jun 12'Kamehameha Day' observed (Hawaii)
Jun 12Loving Day
Jun 13International Albinism Awareness Day
Jun 14World Blood Donor Day
Jun 14Army Birthday
Jun 14Flag Day
Jun 15World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
Jun 16International Day of Family Remittances
Jun 16Juneteenth (Louisiana)
Jun 16Juneteenth Day (New Jersey)
Jun 17World Day to Combat Desertification
Jun 17Bunker Hill Day (Massachusetts)
Jun 17Juneteenth Day (Alaska, Arkansas)
Jun 17Juneteenth National Freedom Day (California)
Jun 17Juneteenth (Louisiana)
Jun 17Juneteenth National Freedom Day (Michigan)
Jun 17Juneteenth (Minnesota)
Jun 17Juneteenth National Freedom Day (Montana, Oklahoma)
Jun 17Juneteenth National Freedom Day (Vermont)
Jun 18Sustainable Gastronomy Day
Jun 18Father's Day (Arizona)
Jun 18Father's Day
Jun 19International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict
Jun 19Juneteenth
Jun 19Juneteenth National Freedom Day (Iowa)
Jun 19Juneteenth (Wyoming)
Jun 19Juneteenth Day (Kansas)
Jun 19Juneteenth (Alabama)
Jun 19Juneteenth Day (AZ, FL, GA, HI, WI)
Jun 19Juneteenth National Freedom Day (Idaho)
Jun 19Juneteenth (Colorado)
Jun 19Juneteenth Independence Day (Connecticut)
Jun 19Juneteenth National Freedom Day (Delaware)
Jun 19Juneteenth National Freedom Day (Illinois)
Jun 19Juneteenth (South Dakota)
Jun 19National Juneteenth Freedom Day (Kentucky)
Jun 19Juneteenth (Maine)
Jun 19Juneteenth National Independence Day (District of Columbia, Maryland)
Jun 19Juneteenth Independence Day (Massachusetts)
Jun 19Juneteenth Freedom Day (Mississippi)
Jun 19Emancipation Day (Missouri)
Jun 19Juneteenth (Nebraska)
Jun 19Juneteenth Day (Nevada)
Jun 19Juneteenth (New Hampshire)
Jun 19Juneteenth (NY, VA, WA)
Jun 19Juneteenth Freedom Day (New Mexico)
Jun 19Juneteenth (Optional) (North Carolina)
Jun 19Juneteenth (North Dakota)
Jun 19Juneteenth (Ohio)
Jun 19Juneteenth (Oregon)
Jun 19Juneteenth National Freedom Day (Pennsylvania)
Jun 19Juneteenth Independence Day (Rhode Island)
Jun 19Juneteenth Celebration of Freedom Day (South Carolina)
Jun 19Juneteenth Freedom Day (Utah)
Jun 19Juneteenth (West Virginia)
Jun 19Emancipation Day (Texas)
Jun 20World Refugee Day
Jun 20West Virginia Day (West Virginia)
Jun 20American Eagle Day
Jun 21International Day of Yoga
Jun 21International Day of the Celebration of the Solstice
Jun 21June Solstice
Jun 23Public Service Day
Jun 23International Widows' Day
Jun 25Day of the Seafarer
Jun 26World Day against Drug Abuse and Trafficking
Jun 26World Day to Support Torture Victims
Jun 27Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day
Jun 28Carolina Day (South Carolina)
Jun 29Eid al-Adha
Jun 29International Day of the Tropics
Jun 30International Asteroid Day
Jun 30International Day of Parliamentarism
Jul 1International Day of Cooperatives
Jul 4Independence Day (AK, AL, AR, AZ, CA)
Jul 4Independence Day
Jul 11World Population Day
Jul 13Nathan Bedford Forrest Day (Tennessee)
Jul 14Bastille Day
Jul 15World Youth Skills Day
Jul 16Rural Transit Day
Jul 18Nelson Mandela Day
Jul 19Muharram
Jul 20World Chess Day
Jul 23Parents' Day
Jul 24Pioneer Day (Utah)
Jul 25World Drowning Prevention Day
Jul 27Tisha B'Av
Jul 27Korean War Veteran Recognition Day (West Virginia)
Jul 27National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day
Jul 28Ashura
Jul 28World Hepatitis Day
Jul 30World Friendship Day
Jul 30World Day Against Trafficking in Persons
Aug 1Colorado Day (Colorado)
Aug 4Coast Guard Birthday
Aug 4Barack Obama Day (Illinois)
Aug 6American Family Day (Arizona)
Aug 7Purple Heart Day (West Virginia, Wyoming)
Aug 7Purple Heart Day
Aug 9World Indigenous Peoples’ Day
Aug 12International Youth Day
Aug 14Victory Day (Rhode Island)
Aug 15Assumption of Mary
Aug 16Bennington Battle Day (Vermont)
Aug 18Statehood Day (Hawaii)
Aug 19World Humanitarian Day
Aug 19National Aviation Day
Aug 20National Navajo Code Talkers Day (Arizona)
Aug 20National Senior Citizens Day
Aug 21International Day of Remembrance of and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism
Aug 22International Day Commemorating the Victims of Acts of Violence Based on Religion or Belief
Aug 23World Day for Slave Trade Abolition
Aug 26Susan B. Anthony Day (Massachusetts)
Aug 26Women's Equality Day
Aug 27Lyndon Baines Johnson Day (Texas)
Aug 29International Day against Nuclear Tests
Aug 30Raksha Bandhan
Aug 30World Day of Victims of Enforced Disappearance
Aug 31International Day for People of African Descent
Aug 31International Overdose Awareness Day
Sep 4World Sexual Health Day
Sep 4Labor Day (All)
Sep 4Labor Day
Sep 5International Day of Charity
Sep 7International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies
Sep 7Still's Disease Awareness Day
Sep 8International Literacy Day
Sep 9International Day to Protect Education from Attack
Sep 9Carl Garner Federal Lands Cleanup Day
Sep 9Native American Day (Delaware)
Sep 9California Admission Day (California)
Sep 10World Suicide Prevention Day
Sep 10National Grandparents Day
Sep 11First Responders Day (North Carolina)
Sep 11Patriot Day (Alaska)
Sep 11Patriot Day
Sep 12International South-South Cooperation Day
Sep 13International Programmers' Day
Sep 15International Day of Democracy
Sep 15First Day of National Hispanic Heritage Month
Sep 15National POW/MIA Recognition Day
Sep 16Rosh Hashana
Sep 16World Ozone Layer Day
Sep 16Rosh Hashana (Texas)
Sep 17World Patient Safety Day
Sep 17Constitution Day and Citizenship Day
Sep 17Constitution Commemoration Day (Arizona)
Sep 18Ganesh Chaturthi
Sep 18International Equal Pay Day
Sep 18Air Force Birthday
Sep 18'Constitution Day and Citizenship Day' observed
Sep 21International Day of Peace
Sep 22Emancipation Day (Ohio)
Sep 22Native American Day (California, Nevada)
Sep 22Michigan Indian Day (Michigan)
Sep 23International Day of Sign Languages
Sep 23International Celebrate Bisexuality Day
Sep 23Public Lands Day (Wyoming)
Sep 23National Public Lands Day
Sep 23September Equinox
Sep 24Gold Star Mother's Day
Sep 25Yom Kippur
Sep 25American Indian Day (Tennessee)
Sep 25Yom Kippur (Texas)
Sep 26World Day to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons
Sep 27The Prophet's Birthday
Sep 27World Tourism Day
Sep 28World Maritime Day
Sep 28International Day for Universal Access to Information
Sep 28World Rabies Day
Sep 29International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste
Sep 29World Heart Day
Sep 29American Indian Heritage Day (Montana, Texas)
Sep 30First Day of Sukkot
Sep 30International Translation Day
Oct 1International Day of Older Persons
Oct 1World Vegetarian Day
Oct 2World Habitat Day
Oct 2International Day of Non-Violence
Oct 2Frances Xavier Cabrini Day (Colorado)
Oct 2Child Health Day
Oct 4Feast of St Francis of Assisi
Oct 5World Teachers' Day
Oct 6Last Day of Sukkot
Oct 6World Cerebral Palsy Day
Oct 6German American Day
Oct 7Shmini Atzeret
Oct 8Simchat Torah
Oct 8Chicago Marathon
Oct 9World Post Day
Oct 9Leif Erikson Day
Oct 9Leif Erikson Day (Colorado)
Oct 9Columbus Day (Many regions)
Oct 9Columbus Day
Oct 9Fraternal Day (Alabama)
Oct 9Yorktown Victory Day (Virginia)
Oct 9Discoverers’ Day (Hawaii)
Oct 9Native American Day (Oklahoma, South Dakota)
Oct 9Indigenous People's Day (Most regions)
Oct 9Indigenous People's Day (Michigan, Minnesota)
Oct 9American Indian Heritage Day (Alabama)
Oct 10World Mental Health Day
Oct 11World Day for Natural Disaster Reduction
Oct 11International Day of the Girl Child
Oct 11Casimir Pulaski Day (Michigan, Rhode Island)
Oct 11Anniversary of Death of General Pulaski (Massachusetts)
Oct 12World Spanish Language Day
Oct 12World Sight Day
Oct 13Friday the 13th
Oct 13Navy Birthday
Oct 14Robert E. Lee's Birthday (Arkansas)
Oct 15Navratri
Oct 15International Day of Rural Women
Oct 15White Cane Safety Day
Oct 16World Food Day
Oct 16Boss's Day
Oct 17World Day for Poverty Eradication
Oct 18Alaska Day (Alaska)
Oct 21Sweetest Day (Many regions)
Oct 23Dussehra
Oct 24United Nations Day
Oct 24World Development Information Day
Oct 27World Day for Audiovisual Heritage
Oct 27Nevada Day (Nevada)
Oct 29World Stroke Day
Oct 31World Cities Day
Oct 31Halloween
Nov 1All Saints' Day
Nov 1World Vegan Day
Nov 1First Day of Native American Heritage Month
Nov 2All Souls' Day
Nov 2International Day to End Impunity
Nov 5World Tsunami Awareness Day
Nov 5New York City Marathon
Nov 5Daylight Saving Time ends
Nov 6World Day to Protect the Environment in War
Nov 7Election Day
Nov 7Election Day (New Jersey, Virginia)
Nov 10World Science Day
Nov 10Marine Corps Birthday
Nov 10'Veterans Day' day off
Nov 10'Veterans Day' day off (Most regions)
Nov 11Veterans Day
Nov 11Veterans Day (MS, NY, WI)
Nov 11Veterans Day (Most regions)
Nov 11Veterans' Day/Armistice Day (Rhode Island)
Nov 11Veterans' Day/Armistice Day (Mississippi, Texas)
Nov 12Diwali/Deepavali
Nov 12World Pneumonia Day
Nov 13Barack Obama Day (Alabama)
Nov 13'Veterans' Day/Armistice Day' day off (Rhode Island)
Nov 14World Diabetes Day
Nov 16International Day for Tolerance
Nov 16World Philosophy Day
Nov 17World Prematurity Day
Nov 19World Day for Road Traffic Victims
Nov 19World Toilet Day
Nov 19International Men's Day
Nov 19George Rogers Clark Day (Ohio)
Nov 20Universal Children's Day
Nov 20Africa Industrialization Day
Nov 21World Television Day
Nov 23Thanksgiving Day
Nov 23Thanksgiving Day (All)
Nov 24State Holiday (Georgia)
Nov 24Presidents' Day (New Mexico)
Nov 24Lincoln's Birthday/Lincoln's Day (Indiana)
Nov 24Day After Thanksgiving (Many regions)
Nov 24Family Day (Nevada)
Nov 24Acadian Day (Louisiana)
Nov 24Black Friday
Nov 24American Indian Heritage Day (Maryland)
Nov 24Native American Heritage Day
Nov 24Native American Heritage Day (Washington)
Nov 25World Day to Eliminate Violence on Women
Nov 27Cyber Monday
Nov 28Giving Tuesday
Nov 29World Solidarity Day with Palestinian People
Nov 29Nellie Tayloe Ross's Birthday (Wyoming)
Nov 30Day to Remember Chemical Warfare Victims
Dec 1World AIDS Day
Dec 1Rosa Parks Day (Alabama)
Dec 1Rosa Parks Day (Ohio)
Dec 2World Day for Slavery Abolition
Dec 3First Sunday of Advent
Dec 3World Day for Persons with Disabilities
Dec 4International Day of Banks
Dec 5International Volunteer Day
Dec 5World Soil Day
Dec 6St Nicholas Day
Dec 7International Civil Aviation Day
Dec 7Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
Dec 7Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day (Alaska, Wyoming)
Dec 7Delaware Day (Delaware)
Dec 8Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Dec 8Chanukah/Hanukkah (first day)
Dec 9International Anti-Corruption Day
Dec 9World Genocide Commemoration Day
Dec 10Human Rights Day
Dec 10Wyoming Day (Wyoming)
Dec 11International Mountain Day
Dec 12International Day of Neutrality
Dec 12International Universal Health Coverage Day
Dec 12Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Dec 13National Guard Birthday
Dec 15Last Day of Chanukah
Dec 15Bill of Rights Day
Dec 17Pan American Aviation Day
Dec 17Wright Brothers Day
Dec 18International Migrants Day
Dec 18Arabic Language Day
Dec 20International Human Solidarity Day
Dec 21December Solstice
Dec 22Asarah B'Tevet
Dec 24Christmas Eve (Many regions)
Dec 24Christmas Eve
Dec 25Christmas Day (All)
Dec 25Christmas Day
Dec 25'Christmas Eve' observed (Many regions)
Dec 26Kwanzaa (first day)
Dec 26Day After Christmas Day (KS, NC, SC, TX)
Dec 27International Day of Epidemic Preparedness
Dec 31New Year's Eve
Dec 31New Year's Eve (LA, MI, WI)

2024 Calendar of the United States

printable 2024 calendar USA

  • Horizontal orientation
  • Public holidays in the United States
  • Easy to print
  • “A4” size paper

2024 calendar printable United States

  • 2024 calendar with holidays USAHorizontal orientation
  • Public holidays in the United States
  • Easy to print
  • “A4” size paper
[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”When is easter 2023 in the United States” answer-0=”The Easter 2023 will be on April 9, and the Easter Monday will be on Monday, April 10, 2023, in the United States.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”When is halloween 2023 in the United States” answer-1=”The Halloween 2023 will be on Tuesday, October 31, 2023, in the United States.” image-1=”” count=”2″ html=”true” css_class=””]

Printable 2023 calendar with holidays, United States

Date Days Holiday
1.2.2023 Monday New Year’s Day
1.16.2023 Monday Martin Luther King Jr. Day
2.20.2023 Monday Presidents’ Day
Wednesday Ramadan 2023
5.29.2023 Monday Memorial Day
Monday Juneteenth
7.4.2023 Tuesday Independence Day
9.4.2023 Monday Labor Day
10.9.2023 Monday Columbus Day
11.10.2023 Friday Veterans Day
11.23.2023 Thursday Thanksgiving Day
12.25.2023 Monday Christmas Day
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