When is national spouses day 2023


Is today national spouses’ day?

Finally, National Spouses Day has here! This is the only international holiday, other from Valentine’s Day, that allows couples to indulge each other, take time away from their hectic schedules, and nurture their love.

It’s an opportunity to honour your spouse and let them know how much they are valued.
Admit it: Married couples occasionally require reminders to escape the hamster wheel of daily life.

However, January 26 is the answer to all of a couple’s problems. National Spouses Day may seem to exclusively apply to married couples, but in modern society, it also applies to a large number of single people.

What could be better than appreciating your soul mate? So let’s enjoy ourselves on this day of love.

What is the National spouses day History?

National Spouses Day has no recorded founder, however it is generally believed that a married person came up with the concept. Some claim that it had its start with the creation of Military Spouses Day, which was formed in 1984 but didn’t really take off until the turn of the millennium. Officially, the day is observed as a national holiday on January 26 in the United States and the United Kingdom, but many other nations also observe it.

The concept of expressing gratitude to your relationship serves as the cornerstone of this day. Even taking time off work to celebrate the day and spend time with their spouses is encouraged in certain organizations.

Unlike Valentine’s Day, this holiday was made to honour your spouse and give time rather than presents. Couples are therefore urged to spend time alone and consider their relationship’s progress. According to scientific studies, twenty minutes spent hugging or holding hands with your lover might produce hormones that make you both happier and more content. As a result, tension is reduced and you feel closer to one another.

Due to National Spouse Day, several media outlets have conducted surveys of married couples’ interactions and have come up with a wealth of fascinating information. This includes the two million marriages that take place yearly in the United States alone. Additionally, 17% of them have a history of marriage.

A day like National Spouse Day is essential to reviving relationships at the beginning of the new year since many couples believe that life might get too busy. Others believe that while you should recognize your spouse every day, setting aside a specific day to do so is also a mark of respect.