When is memorial day 2022 in the united states


An important custom and official holiday in the United States, Memorial Day is celebrated each year in memory of American soldiers, men and women, who have died in combat. Also called the “Remembrance Day”, its commemoration date changes every year as it takes place every last Monday of May.

Memorial Day is a special day that serves to honor fallen soldiers

Memorial Day originated during the Civil War of 1861-1865 , which claimed more than 550,000 lives. It was officially established on May 5, 1866 by Union Army Brigadier General John Murray at Waterloo. And this, after the latter noticed that the families of the soldiers continued to bring flowers to their graves, even after the war. Out of consideration for this act, he baptized it “Decoration Day”.

“Decorating Day” was officially declared to be a day set aside for the decoration of the graves of all those who died defending their country during the last moments of the rebellion and whose bodies now rest in the cemeteries of all the churches, of all the towns, villages and hamlets of the nation. »

How is Memorial Day celebrated in the United States?

As the day is dedicated to the memory of fallen soldiers, the celebration of Memorial Day is marked by the lowering of the American flag: a sign of national mourning.

Just like the President of the United States who visits Arlington National Cemetery every year, on this day most Americans go to cemeteries, graves or monuments honoring the armed forces to lay their flowers, as tradition dictates.

In Waterloo, the village where it all began, there are many evocative events: fairs, festivals, walks, contests, competitions are organized there every year.

What to do on Memorial Day in the United States?

If you find yourself in the United States during the Memorial Day festivities, don’t worry, there’s no shortage of entertainment. Since Memorial Day also marks the beginning of summer in the United States, Americans take advantage of this day to have a picnic, to relax at the beach, to have fun in amusement parks and to visit visit to relatives.

This is why the number of people on the move often reaches 40 million during this long weekend. It is also during this long weekend that the “Indy 500” takes place, a car race which each year attracts more than 320 million spectators, tourists and residents.

You can, for example, go to Governor’s Island, in New York, where concerts are usually organized to mark the beginning of summer. Otherwise, you can take advantage of the sun to tan on the edge of the immense American beaches.

Also note that the New York Aquarium, Coney Island and Luna Park open their doors on the same date. If you are looking for places where you can have fun with your family, these are the ideal addresses!

From “Decoration Day” to “Remembrance Day”

The Day of Decoration was celebrated in all the States of America on May 30 after 30 years. Its success was such that it was decided that it would serve not only to pay tribute to the victims of the Civil War, but also to those of the First and Second World Wars.

On June 28, 1968, Congress made it an official holiday and named it “Remembrance Day.” The law was voted on January 1, 1974, and the celebration of Memorial Day was fixed for the last Monday of May. And this, with the aim of offering the families of the deceased a three-day weekend.