When is national sons day in 2022


National Sons Day, 2022: When is National Sons Day in the United States and Canada?

National Sons Day is an annual celebration held in the United States of America and Canada. As National Daughters Day is for girls, national sons’ day is dedicated to the boys. The day is an opportunity to feel your sons special and define their importance to them for a happy family. You can make this national son’s day special for your son in different ways like – prepare their favourite food, Gift him his favourite sports item, spend familiar time with them, present yourself as a proud father to him, etc. Let us tell you more briefly about National Sons Day like, When is National Sons Day celebrated in the United States of America and Canada? History, Significance, Importance, Celebration and every important thing.

Before you let your sons know the stories and origins of this exclusive day, it will be better if you create a ritual. The personalized gifts only for them will be a nice way. You can choose custom-made coins to create this holiday atmosphere. Your sons’ names, holiday signs, and dates can be added, and you can also select their favourite colours, sizes, flavours, etc. to make the coins more amazing. The coins will witness an unforgettable journey during their life.

If you are the holders of these theme activities and events, you can also purchase some custom promotional gifts such as custom die cut stickers for the sons and parents. As promotional gifts, it’s better to customize these stickers because you need to add your slogan, logo, etc. to them. If you want to purchase something more valuable and can be used directly at sites, you can choose custom-made pins. When the participants come, give out the pins to them and let them wear them on the lapels, which will become a sign and recognition of the activity. Isn’t it a good idea?

When is National Sons Day in Canada and the United States?

Since its starting, the day is celebrated every year on 28 September. It is marked to recognize the special importance of raising sons.

History, and Significance

National Sons Day was first observed in 2018. Jill Nico, a senior specialist in the Disability Resources and Services division, started the day. In this #metoo moment, he wanted to emphasize the significance of raising sons, so he started this. Society has lost sight of the fact that raising a boy is just as vital as raising a girl. Awareness programs are being held all around the world to raise the status of girls in society, but no one is paying attention to the guys. Every time we see a fight between a boy and a girl, we immediately accuse the boy of being the aggressor, even if we don’t know what caused the fight. The day is commemorated in order to bring about a shift in thinking.


Here are few ways, you can use to celebrate and feel your son special:

  • Prepare your son’s favourite food
  • Gift him his favourite sports item.
  • Spend familiar time with him.
  • Present yourself as a proud father to him.